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Conversation 4: Movies

Posted by sweatymonk on June 17, 2007

Level: High Beginner and Up Time: 15-30 minutes
Skill: Speaking and Listening
Function: Developing fluency, Questions with superlatives and frequency adverbs
Vocabulary Words: Genres, specific terms are listed below
Materials Required: None, Photocopy (optional)
Preparation: None


1. Students are asked what type of movies they like. Write down the genre appropriate to the type of movie mentioned. After a few examples, the entire genre list is introduced. The handout can either be given, or the words can be written on the board for students to write down.

2. The ‘Useful Words’ list is introduced by matching some of the movies mentioned earlier, to some of the words. Brief examples are presented to the remaining words.

3. Students are put into groups of 3-4, in order to brainstorm one or two movie examples that might fit into each movie genre. Encourage them to also connect the adjectives to the movies they have brainstormed to reinforce vocabulary retention.

4. When each group has finished listing movies, have them ask each other the conversation questions below. Encourage students to ask a follow up question to stimulate more fluency.

5. When students have finished the questions, ask each group about a movie that they would recommend for the class to see.

Note: Students should be familiar with brainstorming techniques before this activity is done in class.

Conversation IV: Movie Conversation Notes

I. Movie Genres (Categories)

1. Horror Movies

2. Action/Adventure

3. Animated

4. Psychological Dramas

5. Westerns

6. Musicals

8. War Movies

9. Mysteries

10. Comedies

11. Romance

12. Dramas

13. Fantasy

14. Slasher Films
Useful Words (to describe movies)

1. Suspenseful 2. Predictable 3. Light-hearted 4. Controversial
5. Epic 6. Thought-provoking 7. Superficial 8. A Sleeper/ A Sleeper Hit    9. A Blockbuster


1. What kind of movies do you like?

2. What kind of movies do you dislike?

3. How often do you go to the movies?

4. Who is your favorite movie star?

5. What is your favorite Hollywood Movie?

6. What are some famous movies from your country?

7. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

8. Do you prefer watching videos at home, or going to the cinema?


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