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About Last Minute ESL

This is a free lesson resource blog designed for ESL teachers. Years ago, I was planning to write a book with a ton of ESL lessons, and had plenty of material designed, written, and class tested. Time passed, and I thought, “This  isn’t the cure for the common cold, and I won’t get rich trying to publish this stuff. Just make it available for free.”

I’ll keep adding pages from the ‘book’. Most of these activities shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to prep, and that includes reading the instructions and making photocopies, if needed. If you don’t have time to photocopy, you can use that material as a dictation exercise.  Please write any comments or improvements on these activities. Thanks for your time!


One Response to “About Last Minute ESL”

  1. Sharon said

    Very nice of you to share all these with ESL instructors. I’m sure this website will be a popular one among those who work with learners of English as a second language. Thanks, John.

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