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Conversation 1: Brainstorming Topics

Level: False Beginner and Up
Time: 15 – 25 minutes
Skill: Speaking, Writing
Function: Developing Fluency
Vocabulary Words: topic, brainstorming, current affairs, fashion
Materials Required: None
Preparation: None

First Stage (5-10 minutes)

1. Ask students if they know the meaning of the word “brainstorming.” Tell them that it is a good way to create some new ideas.

2. Tell students that you are about to write one word on the blackboard. Students will say the first item that comes to their minds, and write each word as it comes, without commenting on the word. Write down the word ‘Red’, and begin. Note: Younger students seem to enjoy a time limit to this portion of the activity. Two minutes is a good time for them to come up with ten to fifteen ideas.

3. When a sufficient number of words have been written on the board, talk about each item with the class. Students will inevitably say such words as fire and apple, but there should be some interesting additions as well.

Second Stage (10-15 minutes)

4. The teacher is to write some conversation topics on the board. Some suggestions are: food, fashion, current affairs, hobbies and sports. Ask students to brainstorm some more topics. Some may be hesitant to speak. Elicit output from them by asking what they like to do in their free time.

5. When all of the students have contributed a topic, ask them to choose an interesting topic that they did not make. Check each chosen topic. Go throughout the class until each student has chosen three different topics.

6. Erase the unchecked topics, and choose three with the most checks to use as conversation topics that student groups will be talking about.

7. Put students into groups of three or four, have each group choose the most interesting topic for them, and have them write down three related questions.

8. Students submit their questions to the teacher. The questions are then used for a topic related discussion. This can be done either among each group, or with the entire class.


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