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Conversation 5: Job Interviews

Level: High Beginner and Up Time: 20-40 minutes

Skill: Speaking and Listening

Function: Developing fluency, Strategies for vocabulary retention

Vocabulary Words: Colloquialisms, List of thirty words

Materials Required: None, Photocopy (optional)

Preparation: If no photocopies are made, the words, headings and questions should be written on the board.

First Stage (10- 15 minutes)

1. Inform students that one way to remember new words is to group them together under a category or a heading. Another way is to use the words in conversations in order to reinforce the meaning.

2. Students begin with the Groupings activity: Students group the words under the appropriate categories. Circulate to answer specific questions about the words or phrases.

3. Students are paired or put into groups of threes. Have students ask each other the questions in the handout. Emphasize that most of the vocabulary words can be included in their conversations.

Extension: (20-30 minutes) Students can then be divided into interviewers and job applicants. Brainstorm with the class to create three “job openings.” Suggestions could come from the answers given in question 6. Interviewer questions could be collected from question 3. Interviewers record the best type of answers from the applicants. The classroom can then discuss patterns in the successful interviews.

Note: This is a good activity for those students who are studying English for employment. Authentic text about job interviews can also be included to develop interviewing strategies.

Job Interviews (photocopy)

Vocabulary: Look at the words below. Find the meanings to each word or phrase.

  • Application, Salary, Benefits, Résumé, References C.V. (curriculum vitae),
  • Perks, to Fire, Drawbacks, Hiring Practice, to fit in, to let go,
  • H.R. (Human Resources), Supervisor, Employer, Employee, Reliable,
  • Peon, To Network, VIP, Procedure, Personnel, Glass Ceiling, OutSource
  • Retire, Temp Agency Job Discrimination, Pink Slip, CFO, CEO, to harass

Groupings: Work with a partner. Group words that have similar meanings with the headings.

A. Problems at work: ________________________________________________________

B. Work-related jobs: __________________________________________________

C. Things you should know when applying:____________________

D.  Terms about becoming unemployed: ____________________

E. Job Colloquialisms: __________________________________

Questions about Jobs and Hiring: Ask your partner(s) these questions. Write down the answers in note form.

1. Name at least four different ways people can find jobs.

2. What are four of the worst jobs you could imagine doing? Why?

3. What are five common questions that employers often ask at interviews?

4. What are some of the important characteristics employers look for when they are hiring prospective employees?

5. What do you think are the three biggest mistakes that people make while they are being interviewed?

6. Imagine your dream job: What would be the perfect job situation for you?


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