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Conversation 6: Adjectives/Opposites


Level: Beginner to Mid-IntermediateTime: 15-30 minutes

Skill: Speaking and Listening

Function: Developing Fluency, Reviewing Adjectives, Reported Speech

Vocabulary Words: 23 Adjective List (provided)

Materials Required: None, Photocopy (optional)

Preparation: If no photocopies are made, the adjectives can be recited by the teacher as a listening activity. The sentences can either be dictated, or written on the board.


1.Students are put into pairs or groups of threes. The teacher gives students five minutes to associate an opposite with each adjective. Some answers may vary, e.g. smelly/fragrant or smelly/odorless.

2.Review the answers of part one with the students.

3.Students are given another five minutes to complete the second activity. Answers are then reviewed in class.

4.Students are given fifteen minutes for Part III. Students should be encouraged to ask a second question (follow-up question) to continue the conversation. Emphasize that this is meant to be a conversation and not a one-sided interview with questions simply being answered.

5.After the time has expired, the teacher will then ask students how their partner answered the questions, e.g. “Jin-ho, what kinds of sweet foods does Roberto like?” This is to assess sentence structure. Ask one question per pair for larger classes.

6.Have students put away their notes or worksheets. Review the opposite list with the students to check vocabulary comprehension.


I. Review: Look at each word pair.Write down the opposite word.Example: wet/dry

1. large/________2. wide/________3. thick/________4. soft/__________

5. smooth/________6. loud/________7. bright/________8. tall/__________

9. sweet/ sharp/_________

13.expensive/________14. beautiful/________15.boring/________16. shallow/________

17.warm/________18. easy/________19.long/__________20. clean/__________

21. hot/________22. high/________23.young/________24. fragrant/________

II. Sentences: Look at each sentence. Fill in each blank with the appropriate adjective.

1.Although Sally is a loud woman, her daughter is very _____________.

2.This candy is very sweet, but that medicine tastes ________________.

3.The sun was so _________, I couldn’t see well. So I put on my sunglasses.

4.That ring looks_________, but it’s really cheap.I bought it for only fifty cents!

5.Our lake looks beautiful now, but it looks ________ if people throw trash into it.

6.I was very ________, but then I lost 160 pounds.I’m very thin now.

7.Diamonds are a very hard material, but graphite is very ________.

8.Be careful! That knife is so_____, you can cut yourself. It’s not blunt like my butter knife.

9.In Venice, the streets are so _____you can’t drive a car through them. The main streets in my hometown are very wide.

10.The cheetah is a very _______ animal.The tortoise is very slow.

II. Conversation: Ask your partner(s) these questions. Write down their answers in note form.

What kind of sweet foods do you like?______________________

 Do you prefer a quiet or a loud place when you go out?_________

 Do you like to wear bright or dark clothing?________________

Do you prefer warm or cool weather?_________________

Describe a beautiful place in your hometown:__________________

What is something expensive that you would like to own? ________


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