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Conversation 7: Fluency Strategies

Level: Beginner to Mid-Intermediate Time: 15-30 minutes

Skill: Speaking and Listening

Function: Developing Fluency, Past Tense forms

Vocabulary: to keep the conversation going

Materials Required: None, Photocopy (optional)

Preparation: If no photocopies are made, the adjectives can be recited by the teacher as a listening activity. The sentences can either be dictated, or written on the board.

Note: This can be an important awareness raising activity for students who are not aware that silence can make many English speakers uncomfortable during conversation.

Conversation VII: Fluency Strategies

I. Structured Practice:
Make a question for these sentences. Use the Wh- words in parentheses to start your question.

Example: A)I went to a party last Sunday. B)(What) did you do there?

1. Daniel watched T.V. last night. (What)_________________________________________________________?

2. Rebecca went to see a doctor last weekend. (Why)__________________________________________________________?

3. I can’t find my English textbook. (Where)_________________________________________________________?

4. Wong-Ling broke her leg last winter. (What)_________________________________________________________?

5. Tim and Julie got married last Saturday. (Where)_________________________________________________________?

6. We were just talking about you a minute ago. (What)__________________________________________________________?

7. I was almost late to English class today. (What)__________________________________________________________?

II. Sentence Starters: Make a question using these words. Imagine that you would use these questions in a real conversation.

Example: Where/meet: Where did you meet your best friend?

1. What/do: _________________________________________________________________?

2. How/study: _________________________________________________________________?

3. Where/buy: ________________________________________________________________?

4. When/come to: _____________________________________________________________?

5. What kind/ like: _____________________________________________________________?

6. Why/study: _________________________________________________________________?

III. Timed Conversation Practice:
Use the above questions to carry on a conversation with a partner. You will have three minutes. Keep the conversation going. After three minutes, switch partners.

Here are some suggestions to continue a stalling conversation:

1. Last weekend, I …/ How was your weekend?
2. The weather is…../ What’s your favorite kind of weather?
3. Last night, I saw…/ What do you usually do after work/school?


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